In SK, qualified technicians study and analyze each case to perform a conclusive reform about the project.

DUE DILIGENCE: it consists in the analysis and the assessment of the physical state of the property, the administrative situation and a general evaluation of the associated costs for the possible purchase or sale of said property.


EVALUATION OF REAL ESTATE ASSETS: through a visual inspection of the property we evaluate its physical state, we perform detailed measurements of the defects or present damages and economically assess the costs of the repair.

TECHNICAL REPORTS ON BUILDINGS: various city councils demand periodic technical revisions of property carried out by competent technicians. Our technicians do this report for you according to the demands of your municipality.


REPORTS ON PATHOLOGIES: these determine the cause of the possible pathologies and deficiencies presented in your property: structural deficiencies, humidity, defective installations, etc; then studying the origin of said causes and proposing final solutions according to your needs.

EXPERT REPORT: we will analyze your particular case with the goal to determine the cause of the deficiency, and to help you in your possible judicial claims. The reasons for these claims may have very different causes: in SK we will analyze them and determine their final cause and those responsible for them.


EMERGENCY AND EVACUATION PLANS: SK performs an emergency and evacuation plan in which we define (according to the risks of your business and the characteristics of the property) the human organization and necessary requirements with the goal of reducing to a minimum the effects of an emergency.